Sunday, July 6, 2014

THE WALKING DEAD (el resultado del comunismo)

Jiro Ishimaru,  "Particularly shocking were the numerous testimonies that hit us about cannibalism."
An informant said the father killed his eldest daughter while his wife was away on business and then killed his son because he had witnessed the murder. When his wife returned the man told her they had 'meat' but she became suspicious and contacted officials who discovered part of the children's bodies.!xYwViY4D!FQbxYuJFU0Q4wph1WtPOjZRmlpVR9OFncPYegQcHSS4
A 'hidden famine' in the farming provinces of North and South Hwanghae is believed to have killed up to 10,000 people and there are fears that incidents of cannibalism have risen. The grim story is just one to emerge as residents battle starvation after a drought hit farms and shortages were compounded by party officials confiscating food. Undercover reporters said food was confiscated from the two provinces and given to the residents of the capital Pyongyang. A drought then left food supplies desperately short.


El ex futbolista argentino Diego Armando Maradona volvió a criticar a la FIFA por el desempeño del árbitro español Carlos Velasco Carballo en el choque de cuartos de final en el que Brasil eliminó 2-1 a Colombia. Maradona: "El árbitro fue lo más desastroso que vi en los últimos diez años". Insistió al detallar como los árbitros "les perdonaron la vida" al portero Julio César y al volante Hulk, quienes debieron ver la roja. Entre las irregularidades del encuentro, "El Diego" recordó que el defensor brasileño David Luiz "fue sistemáticamente a pegarle siete patadas seguidas a James Rodríguez y (el árbitro) no lo amonestó".

"Creo que eligieron bien el árbitro, justo en el momento donde Colombia tenía más posibilidades de ganarle a Brasil que nunca".

Monaco striker Radamel Falcao quipped that someone ought to call referee Carlos Velasco Carballo before his next game after he "didn't show up" for Colombia's 2-1 World Cup quarterfinal defeat to Brazil.
Referee Carlos Velasco Carballo appeared reluctant to show yellow cards for much of the match, despite a huge number of fouls, with Colombia left particularly frustrated that a number of heavy challenges on James Rodriguez went unpunished.

Carballo also opted against showing Julio Cesar a red card when he brought down Carlos Bacca in front of goal for the penalty which James scored in the closing minutes - another decision which prompted a furious response in the Colombian press.